Hot Dog £ 7

Mustard and mayonnaise and ketchup and a grilled beef hot dog and quality bun, if you’re mouth isn’t watering you might want to check your pulse.

Burgers £ 7

The best burgers, at the best prices, delivered right to your door. Delicious!

Falafel £ 7

One of the ways we live our ethos is through our food. Every item on Falafel wrap is all-natural and sourced locally.

Fries £ 4

Skin on, Skin off, Sweet Potato or not. Our Fries are the perfect snack or compliment to any dish.

Halloumi £ 7

This Halloumi veggie wrap has everything you would expect from a meal and healthy.


(Coming Soon)

Our delicious home made desserts are absolutely perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!


(Coming Soon)

Good Morning Wake up, and hungry or want to taste one of our great Sandwiches ? No problem!


(Coming Soon)

Our specials are limited by stock and once they’re gone they’re gone. Get them today!